At Ease

“We don’t realize that somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

A big part of my morning routine, is sitting in stillness and writing in my journal.  My journaling has evolved over the years into a fairly elaborate process.  I begin the day by responding to a prompt that I find from different sources.  Lately, I have been following Effy Wild’s Journal Your Heart Out.  The daily prompt she included the other day was “What is firing you up?”  My instant response was “Nothing.”  For me, that response was initially unsettling.  I like to be fired up in my life about something.  It is often my art or my garden.  It can be a new skill I am learning or a new group I am working on.  For nothing to be firing me up is a fairly odd feeling.  Was I doing something wrong?  Am I being complacent and giving up?  I just left the prompt response with that one word.  Nothing.  Hmmm.

The next step in my journaling process is to just write.  About anything and everything that I am thinking about.  I wrote about my upcoming surgery, a trip I am planning and the day to day ramblings of how I am feeling and what I am pondering.  Sometimes this section is deep and sometimes it is not.  The final and newest part of my writing is to answer the question “Where am I at today?”  The answer was equally short and precise.  “I am peaceful.”  “Peaceful” is as rare of an answer as “nothing” is for me.  I am usually stirred up and planning.  Not often peaceful in entirety.  Especially in the summer with so much to do and fit in and a lot of health stuff going on.  In spite of all of that, I still feel very peaceful.  And even more surprising, is the fact that I am totally ok with that.

Sometimes life needs to go through periods of peace and ease.  We don’t always need to be striving for anything or worrying about what is to come.  Life is often hard, but does not always have to be.  This is a short entry this week, but that is just where I am this week.  Life is peaceful on this rainy day and I am happy about that.  I know I will be “fired up” again soon about something and stirrings will start again.

Hoping you can all live in ease and peace this week and know that what is and what space you are in, can just be easy and not require striving for anything different.

Much love,


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