When Weather Affects Your Mood

“I have seen many storms in my life. Most storms have caught me by surprise, so I had to learn very quickly to look further and understand that I am not capable of controlling the weather, to exercise the art of patience and to respect the fury of nature.”  –  Paulo Coelho

I have always known that I am very sensitive to bad weather.  Not even just undesirable weather like rain or snow.  Really any change in weather really affects me.  I do not think that this is a rare thing to live with.  There is a whole industry of creating products to help simulate sunlight for when we do not have access to the real thing.  Where I live, in Central Alberta Canada, this has been one beast of a summer so far.  Although many other areas are having record breaking heat waves, here back at home, we have been one step away from needing to use a boat to get out and enjoy access to nature.  In the month of July, we had three straight weeks of rain and grey.  Not even just rain, torrential downpours and lightning storms with a ferocity and frequency that I have never observed in the 20 something years I have lived in this province.

All if this grey bleak weather, and add on that I have had a ton of not nice medical procedures this month, have left me just reeling  in despair a lot of this past month.  I have felt extremely unmotivated to do much of anything, which is quite rare for me.  Even creating art has been pretty much non-existent in my life lately.  Today is actually a nice sunny day so I have been really thinking about this occurrence in my life.  I don’t like the fact that rotten weather can so drastically alter my mood.  It definitely affects my sleep and makes me much more snappy to other people.  In this world we live in, there are enough things in the news that can bring us down.  I don’t want for the weather to be another thing to put my moods into a tailspin.  When I started to think of this, I did what I usually do when I am looking for answers.  I turned to nature.

One thing that this rain has done that I enjoy, is that my lawn feels better than ever.  I am not a big lawn person to spend a lot of time manicuring my piece of sod on my property.  Next year, I actually want to take out all of the lawn in our backyard and replace it with wild flowers which I think I will get much more enjoyment out of.  However, the other day I walked across the front lawn in my bare feet, and felt such bliss at the lush, carpet-like feel that I experienced.  The rain has certainly helped it fill in and it feels lovely.  We also have not had to water at all, which from a conservationist approach, is wonderful for our earth.  I then travelled to our backyard, where our main food gardens are.  I cannot believe how massive and green everything is there as well.  My plants look healthier than I have ever seen them.  There are barely any “fruits” on them, but with a little bit of heat in the upcoming month, I could have more of a harvest than I have ever had.  The plants just grow and grow knowing that the season will change.  They just trust that all of their growing is for a purpose.  They don’t shrivel up and wilt because there is not sunshine, even though they need that to fulfill their purpose to provide sustenance.  I strive to find that place of trust.  To trust that the rain will end and the sun will come out so that my summer life can blossom.

I do feel today, that because the sun is out and shining, I appreciate it so much more than I would if it had been here all month.  I have not even heard people complaining about the heat, on the few days we have had it, like is common this time of the year.  I am very hopeful that the upcoming month will be brighter.  I also know, that even if it is not, I will get through the bleak and am certain that brighter days are ahead.

I am including a song that speaks to me about the changes of season.  I hope it brings you hope during whatever kind of weather you find yourself in.  The Sun will Come Up

Much love to manage whatever storms you may find yourselves in.


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