My Intention

This blog is an exercise in self-love as well an attempt to share some knowledge that I have gained over the 20 plus years of dealing with chronic illness.  My desire is to create an inclusive space where people can retreat to deal with issues that are going on in their lives.  I aim to form a space for people to be able to talk without filter and be free from judgment that is so prevalent in today’s world where positive affirmation is sought through likes and retweets.  Although I want this site to be one that can be a space to vent emotions and problems, what I strive for even more is to build a space that allows us all to find tools and strategies that will work for us in our struggles and our victories.  What I want more that anything is to create a respectful community where we can discuss our lives, inclusive of illness, but also to highlight the fact that we are whole, vibrant people who have so much to offer the world.

Welcome to An Undefined Life.  Let’s start carving out that space.  I am so glad that you are joining me on this journey.

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