Recognize the Magic in the Mundane

“Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

I’m putting out my post today on a Monday.  Since I started An Undefined Life a year and a half ago, I have always posted on Fridays.  Due to my changing schedule and energy levels, I have decided to switch to Mondays.  Hopefully my posts can help you welcome the new week.

I am a believer in signs. Some may think that is crazy but that is how I work.  Many times I notice things that are in my path at the exact moment that I need them.  The title of my post is one of those signs.  I have been thinking a lot lately about how much my life has changed over the past 10 years.  I used to be busy all the time between work and social activities.  I was wistfully thinking about those days and realized how that phase has passed.  I used to be the last one out at a party, the first one to get to an event and thrived on that fast pace that was my life.  I went out with family and friends two weeks ago.  Although I love going to visit and hang out, I also realize that there is nothing I like more that getting back to my own home and my quiet life.  When I am away, I miss my routine.  I miss my quiet morning corner.  I miss feeding my cat breakfast and snuggling with my dog.  I miss talking with my husband about what we have planned for our days and thinking about what I want to make for dinner.  It is that frame of mine that drew me to the painting that is at the start of this article.  “Ordinary in perfect”  is the writing I put on my queen’s crown.  All of the things that I listed about are absolutely perfect to me and alarmingly ordinary to most people at the same stage of their life as I am in.  As I hear about people planning trips and events for the upcoming Christmas season, all I want to do is sit by the fireplace and read a good book.

And that is OK.

I think so often in this day of social media when we see everyone’s shiny moments, it is easy to get discouraged with the slower ordinary lives we may live while living with an illness.  However, there is still magic in our lives.  I listened to a guided meditation the other day by Sarah Blondin titled Make it Sacred.

Make it Sacred

In the meditation, I picked up on a phrase that said “Recognize the magical in the mundane.”  Pretty much the exact quote I put on my art spread the day before.  It made me take stock of the magic that is still in my life in the ordinary.  I went to see me niece for her 12th birthday recently.  When I asked her what she would like for her birthday, she said to do something with me.  We went for pedicures and lunch and she filled me in on her life in the 7th grade.  That was magical.  I was able to help a friend the other day to find her way out of an overwhelming state and to hopefully feel stronger in her ability to find her way out of the maze.  That was extraordinary.  I found a lead for my husband that may lead to a great business opportunity.  That is remarkable.  There is magic everywhere if we start to make the small things sacred.  I choose to make all of the small things in my life sacred.  Keep your eyes open to the magic that exists within all of our lives.  Listen and observe more keenly and you never know what wonderful mystery you will find.

The painting at the start of my entry was one I did through an online art class I follow called Book of Days.  When I logged in to see Effy Wild’s lesson for November, the title of it is “Make it Sacred.”  There are signs everywhere telling you if you are on the right path.

Enjoy your magical journey,


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