Choose your Path

Taking an extended long weekend away to celebrate my niece’s birthday with family.  I was at yoga the other night and my teacher was lovely enough to share a reading she read at the end of class with me. It really made me think about life so I thought I’d share it with all of you. Thank you #Padme Hum Yoga.

Choose Your Part, Then

by John Mundahl

when the lights in the theatre go down,

and the curtain goes up

and the play begins,

it cannot be stopped by me.

Only the Director can do that.

but I can choose my part.

What will it be?

A comedy?

A tragedy?

A mystery?

A fantasy?

A pleasure cruise?

A competition?

A search for truth?

A boring experience?

A jail?

An adventure?

A playground?

A chance to change?

A search for love?

A bank account?

I get to choose,

but I must choose,

or the play will play me.

Choose your part, then,

don’t wait.

Theres no sick leave

and there’s no rewind.

”The plays the thing.” – Shakespeare

This weekend, I choose an adventure!  Have a great weekend and choose your part




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