The Healing Power of Water

When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water. – Benjamin Franklin

Water has always been a magical element for me.  It might have began in my childhood.  I was brought up in a city that happens to be on one of our country’s Great Lakes.  My childhood was made up of camping on lakes and at friends and family members lake houses.  Whenever something was bothering me or I needed to think, I would get on my bike and go find some water to help me figure out the answers.  I remember swimming, water skiing, jet skiing and all types of water sports so there are a lot of good memories surrounding water as well.

The family member that was always my “go to” person, was my grandfather.  His life also revolved around water.  His favorite thing to do was to go fishing.  I used to go with him for weekends.  Although I never wanted to touch or clean the fish, my memories are filled with conversations on boats and always feeling safe and protected while out with him.  When I picture my “happy place” it is always with my grandfather either in a boat or in a garden.  I think that is why to this day, when things get too much, I head for water.  Water equals safety to me and security.  It also represents family.

When I moved to Alberta 19 years ago, the thing I missed, and still miss, the most is water.  More specifically lakes.  I don”t even need to be in the water.  I just need to be near it.  I like to hear it and feel the force of it.  I often picture it washing away my problems and taking me back to a time where I did not have as many complications as I do now.

Fortunately, even though I at this time do not live near water, the people closest to me do.  Specifically my family.  My father lives on Lake Ontario, my aunt and uncle live on the Shushwap in BC and my mom and my sister live on Sylvan Lake.  Recently, I have had some health issues, personal problems, and am stressed about starting a new medication in a week or two.  So what did I do?  I headed to Sylvan Lake to spend some time near my healing force.  My mom, sister and I spent several days on the beach and shared laughs that made my stomach ache.  Although the water is what I always associated with the magic, I think it is my family that brings up those memories.  This week, I spent time reminiscing with my family about a more carefree time and things that made me who I am.   Even at 43, I love spending time with my mom and my sister who make me feel safe.

This week provided me with the reset I needed.  Between the magic of the lake and the love of my family, I feel strong enough to get through whatever life throws at me.  I hope we can all find that thing or person that helps us realize how strong and capable we are even when we are feeling frazzled and frustrated.


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