Planting New Seeds of Hope

The first principle of success is desire – knowing what you want. Desire is the planting of your seed. Robert Collier

Hello everyone!  I have taken an extensive break from writing on my blog.  What I realize is that when I am not out and about in the world, my insight into my writing suffers.  I am a very social being and as I am one of the vulnerable, I have been isolating at home.  My only daily outing is a walk with my dog.  Although I love my dog and he brings me a ton of peace, he is not much of a conversationalist.  For this reason, I have felt a bit stagnant in my thoughts.  I have spent a lot of time focused on the injustices that this pandemic has made oh so obvious.  The long term health care system is broken and has been for many years.  Low income jobs are truly the essential services in our world and deserve to be paid as such.    Also, why is the solution many are putting forward is to lock away the elderly and immunocompromised rather that to try to create a world that is safe for everyone to live in without needing to isolate anyone.  That is what I have been pondering and do not have the answers, so will leave my musings for another day.

What I will write about today is what is within our control.  Focusing on hope and what we can do safely right in the here and now.  The other day, I went outside to check out my back yard.  I was joyously surprised to find 4 of the tulip bulbs I planted last fall had sprouted.  It is my first time having planted tulips.  I was so excited to see them.  My family heritage is Dutch so tulips have always had a special meaning to me.  The next day I went outside to find one new tulip had popped up.  Yesterday there were two more.  Although such a simple thing, they really make be feel hope and optimism.  I placed an order for a bunch of perennials that I want to plant in my yard this year.  I looked into soil and compost.  Gardening brings me so much happiness.  I chose to focus on that hobby.  I planted seeds to start my vegetable garden as well.  I am excited to see what I can create in my yard.

A few days after my awakening to my garden dreams, my husband, who owns his own carpentry business,  started getting calls and texts about building planter boxes, fences and pergolas for people.  A lot of them are just inquiries, but other people are also starting to think of ways to beautify their own yards.

I believe if we all start to change our mindset and focus on what we can build and create and not on what we do  not have in our lives at this time, we can help our mental state as well as restore our sense of control in some aspect of our lives even if it is as small as a tulip sprouting through the soil.  Today, there is a gentle rain falling where I live.  It looks like the Earth is also doing its part to help out with my plans.

Wishing you a positive time of growth in whatever you choose to attempt to create.


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