The Neutrality of Energy

“By itself, energy is neutral. Everything depends on how you use it.  Angry energy is a powerful fuel but it doesn’t lead to peace.  Creative energy on the other hand, can come from a place of joy and what it provides will reflect that joy.”  -Deepak Chopra

I am following a 21 Day Meditation experience with Deepak Chopra that is focused on Energizing Your Life Meditation Experience.  It has been a great experience for me, especially the journaling aspect of it.  Limited energy levels is probably my most frustrating limitation of living with a chronic illness.  Although I believe MS plays a pivotal role in my reduced energy, I also think moving into my forties a few years ago, is another contributing factor.  The preceding quote really spoke to me.

We all have a finite amount of energy.  Whether you live with an illness, are in your teens, or are in your eighties.  That amount does ebb and flow but we are left to live with that quantity of energetic volume.  What I am beginning to realize, is that so many of us waste where we apply that limited resource.  It is up to us how we use that source.  If we really take a look at what fills our tank up, it is the things that bring us joy.  Making a list of things that bring us calm and joy can be a beneficial activity.  For myself, the things that energize me are things that tap into my creative side.  I love to paint, write, sing, and sew.  Those are things that leave me wanting more of them, rather than being grateful I have finished them.  One the other hand, things that make me feel depleted and just wanting them to be completed are things like paying bills, arguing, worrying about money and watching the news.  All of these things make me worry and take me far away from a place of peace.

All of these things require energy.  Although one is fueling and one is draining.  When I really look at what things I spend much more energy on, the draining activities always win out.  I never wake up at 2:00 in the morning thinking about painting or sewing.  I wake up worrying about money or an argument I had had that day.  What a glorious shift it would be if we could change that energy equation to be weighted more to the side of peace and creativity.  Of course this is not always realistic.  There are things in our lives that need to take the lead at times.  We have to pay our bills in our society.  I also feel to be a global citizen, having some knowledge of the world around us is necessary.

Living with an illness, I have found that it is essential for my well-being and sanity, to at times, remove the side of life that is draining.  There are times when I know it is needed for me to not turn on the news and to not follow our bank book so religiously.  I in turn also know that it is time to get out my paintbrushes and belt out my favorite song.  What I have found is necessary is to find a person, in my case my husband, who I can say “I am taking a break.  You need to take over making dinner and worrying about things for awhile.”  I do not do this near enough and that is a shift I need to make at times.  I also think people enjoy helping out, especially if you are the kind of person who is usually the helper.  I think that keeps the wheel of Karma spinning.

The first step is being aware of where you are putting your energy.  If we are aware, we can look at making some shifts.  I think our world as a whole would be a much more peaceful place if everyone took up the belief that turning to peace and joy is a much healthier place to be.

I will leave you with a song that I just may be belting out later today.

Better Together by Jack Johnson

Peace and joy to you all.

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