The Spoon Theory

Early in my diagnosis, I was fortunate to find an article called the Spoon Theory. I hope that every person who has an illness has the opportunity to read it. It helps to explain to others what it is like to live with an illness even if it is not always a visible illness. There are reasons why we may cancel on appointments even though we really want to attend. We have a more finite amount of energy to spend than the average healthy person and need to pick and choose at times where our energy goes. Unfortunately, sometimes it has to go to things that are required to manage our illness.  It is never that we want to miss out on things it is just sometimes a necessity.  That is hard for people who don’t live with illness to understand. Sometimes even more useful than explaining to others how illness affects me, this theory has helped me to change my attitude towards myself. It has made me kinder to myself. It has helped me to recognize what other things are depleting my energy that I am not always really conscious of.  More than anything, it has taught me that I am not lazy or a bad person, I have just used up all of my spoons for that day.

What I hope it does for you, is to provide you with insight into how you are feeling and provide another resource for you to pull from.

The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino


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