Food Kit Service for When Times are Toug

Good nutrition creates health in all areas of existence.  All areas are interconnected.  – T. Collin Campbell

Something that I have learned is that when times get tough or hectic, food preparation goes to the bottom of the list for me.  As someone who struggles immensely with energy levels, I often will find if I am not careful my eating habits falter.  I truly believe that nutrition plays a huge role in my disease management.  I usually try to avoid pre-packaged food, try to eat organic, and follow a pretty balanced diet.  However, when I get run down or off of my routine, food is usually one of the first things to go.  I find myself not eating much during the day and become famished and grab anything quick and easy.

Having had surgery recently, I was looking at ways to make food preparation easier on me to try to be proactive around diet.   A friend of mine sent me some invites to some food kit services that would send a box to your door with hand crafted meals that were healthy and nutritious.  You still have to cook the food, but all of the portioning, measuring and most of all decision making is taken out of the equation.  The great thing is that your first order is half price and you are not locked into anything so can cancel or put on hold if you are not happy.

I have tried two of these services up until now and there are many more I wouldn’t mind trying.  I am going to talk about the pros and cons of the two I have tried so you will know my experience.

  1. Hello Fresh                                                                           This was the first one I tried and therefore had nothing to compare it to.  The package I picked was three meals with 2 servings each.  You can somewhat customize what you like based on what general type of diet you follow.  The meals that were listed looked delicious, so I put in my first order.  The first order was Moroccan Chicken, Poblo Beef Tacos, and Mustard and Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin.  The price ended up being $40 total which I thought was quite reasonable.  The meals arrived on time, were packaged well with ice packs.  All of the meals ended up being delicious and I would definitely make them again.  Quantities were great for me but my husband thought there was not enough meat for some of them.  Only negative I would say was there is not a lot of customization with the meal choices.  The full price of $80 seems high to me but all in all I felt it was a good experience.
  2. Miss Fresh                                                                          This experience was quite different.  Food selections also looked good and I order three meals of two servings again.   We order Hamburgers with Peanut Butter Sauce, Steak and Yam Fries, and Lime Shrimp with Coconut Avocado Cream.  This package was cheaper and would only be $30 total which I thought was fantastic.  The day came for the delivery and nothing had showed up by 6:30 pm.  I pulled up a tracking number they had sent me.  I was surprised (my fault I didn’t check), that the package had come from Quebec.  I live in Alberta and that seemed odd to me.  It also said my order had already been delivered.  It definitely hadn’t as I was home all day and no one had come.  I called FedEx who apparently had delivered it, to be told they would look into.  I also emailed Miss Fresh and explained what had happened.  FexEx got back to me the next day and said it had accidentally been delivered to my neighbors which was false I found out when I checked with them.   Miss Fresh responded in an email and said that they used a third party for delivery, so they could not do anything about it.  This seemed absurd to me.  I pursued it, and after countless phone calls, I was reimbursed the $30.  All in all, so not worth all of the hassle and I also would not order food if I knew it was coming on a plane from 4 provinces away.  Not really “fresh” in my opinion.

Overall, I had one great experience and one rotten one.  I will still try others, but will do more homework into them.  It was lovely for three days to just pull a bag out of the fridge and have delicious healthy meals.  For that, and the conserved energy, I will keep trying others.


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