The Heaviness of Grief and Finding Meaning

I have taken a week away from my blog as I, like I’m sure so many of you are, have been living in a somewhat frozen state as of late.  The world seems surreal with empty streets, no personal contact, and a constant level of anxiety that is palpable.  I have been putting articles I find helpful up on my Facebook page and Instagram, but I realized that I am not sharing them on here.  One that I have found hugely helpful was an article that talked about grief, and that emotion is really what all of us are going through.  I looked back at the stages of grief that I had discussed in a previous post and looked at the stages I passed through when I have been grieving the loss of things due to my illness.  I tend to get angry and freeze up while I wallow for a bit in the sadness of it.  That is exactly what I was doing the last two weeks.  I have been just staying still and hoping things will get back to normal.  The changes the world is going through are unprecedented.  It will take us all varying times to adjust to them.  What I found the most interesting in the article was the additional stage of grieving that the author was finding was now necessary.  Finding Meaning. That Discomfort you Feel is Grief

For me, that is when I always know that I am moving forward through my grief.  Whether is is finding humor in circumstances, looking for ways to brighten your space you are confined to, or reaching out to others in alternative ways, we are all hopefully finding our new meaning and path.  I was watching the Prime Minister’s daily update yesterday while he was talking about mental health and how he is putting more financial  aid  into helping people most vulnerable: children, seniors, homeless and others.  He talked about the Kids Help Phone.  In my pre-illness life, I was a counselor in schools.  I instantly went to the site and filled out an application to be a volunteer to answer calls.  This is a way I can help.  We all have skills and talents.  I believe if we try to find meaning and a way we can help, it can help us move through the path more smoothly.  I knew when I filled out the application that I was on my way.

I also have found a bunch of sites and articles to help me get through this time so I thought I would share them here as well so that some may be helpful to you.

Coping with Coronavirus Fear While Chronically Ill

Jay Shetty 20 Day Meditation

Nicolas Canon

For some fitness:

YMCA 360

and just for some humor:

Pluto Life


I am also doing live chats on An Undefined Life on Facebook a couple of times a week if you are interested in joining in.  Feel free to add links in comments if you have found some that may help others.

I hope you are all moving along this path in whatever way you can, and as always, reach out in any way you need.

Much love,


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