What Will We be When this is Over?

“Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional.” – John Maxwell

The world is still going through an unprecedented time in our history.  I have found a way to find purpose and help others during this time.  Finding meaning is the new phase of grief I am in.  My purpose right now is to sew masks for those working in long term care facilities.  They have been so hard hit that I felt that that was the least I could do.  My mother is a retired nurse who spent her career working in that field.  I was thinking about what if she was still in the workforce now?  I would want others to try to help.  So I reached out to a seniors home in my community and asked if I could make some masks for their staff.  The manager was so excited to receive the offer.  She said that she had masks for them when they are at work, but she wanted me to make masks for them when they are out in the community so that they can stay healthy to continue to work.  I asked how many staff she had.  She told me 100.  I can sew but thought it would take me a very long time to make 100 masks.  I reached out in my community facebook page for people who sew who could help.  Right away 8 people reached out and offered to help.  Another couple of people offered to help by contributing money for materials and to drop off the masks when completed.  I now have 10 people helping which makes things seem so much more doable.  I am sewing my fingers off and finding purpose in this task.

The other day I started writing in my daily journal about what I wanted to see in the world when this pandemic was over.  It is a practice I have been doing daily to see some light in this dark time.  The following was my first journal I wrote on this topic:

“Today is going to be a good day.  I feel a shift happening within me and amongst the world around me.  We will be forever changed when this passes.  We will appreciate hugging our friends and family more.  We will appreciate the “little” things more because we will realize they were never really little after all.  The people we respect most will be grocers, truck drivers, front line workers and teachers because they are who kept the world turning when it seemed to be off its axis.  We will spend more time with grandparents because we can’t now.  We will come out of this caring more deeply for our communities and less isolated with clearer eyes about what is important.”

I hope you all can look to the future and decide what we want to see in out crystal balls.  I believe we can make it all happen.

Much clarity,


One Reply to “What Will We be When this is Over?”

  1. Love this and I agree wholeheartedly, I think this experience will teach us to appreciate all the things we took for granted in the past, and hopefully we will cherish it more in the future.


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